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21 years old. Always on my own. I love punk rock and comic books but have a weakness for piano and alternative indie rock. I love Taking Back Sunday more than any other band in the world. Seattle is the place I call home. I post too much Blink 182, Paramore, The Clash, Man Overboard, Rick Genest, old punk and people with cool hair. xx Another thing
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20. July 2014

I do not exist to make anyone happy. I do not strive to meet anyone’s expectations, or follow the rules. I will not try to bend over backwards just to not offend anyone, no one has done this for me, so why should I? Actually the only people who “seemed” to care are the ones who wanted to get something from me. Be proud that you are who you are, even if you’re a total loser.

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hiddlestung said: Your hair is gorgeous!!!

Thank you so much! :)